Toasteria / Cafè

• Location: Milan, Italy

• Year: 2023

• Dimensions: 250 mq

• Status: Completed

Photography by: Gioia Longato

The renovation work on the premises involved a complete renovation of the interior and the reorganization of the outdoor spaces; specifically, the renovation of the finishes, the custom-made furniture and the replacement of furnishings were carried out in order to give a new look and identity to the cafè.

In harmony with the concept that supports the rebranding of the bar, inspired by the theme of the garden, the design evokes, by colors and the inclusion of elements related to nature, this atmosphere. Toast Garden will be revamped by a breath of fresh air, to satisfy the modern demands and tastes.

The material and color choices were made in accordance with the theme and the elements already present in the space, which we chose to maintain.

The furniture components were carefully selected to go along with the custom-made furniture to complete the final image of the space. The space will be expanded thanks to a custom outdoor deck enriched with heating elements for the colder seasons and shading elements for the summer.