Showroom arredamento

Interior Showroom

• Location: Lissone, Italy

• Year: 2019

• Dimensions: /

• Status: Complete

Photography by: Gioia Longato

In the industrial area of the City of Lissone stands the showroom of Lissoneinterni.

The volume imposes itself dark and austere like a treasure chest to conceal the more than 5,000 square meters of exhibition space. Inside, one can immerse oneself in realistic and meticulously detailed settings, to make the purchasing choices in the most informed and thoughtful way possible.

The facade is presented as a scenic backdrop of dark concrete-effect stoneware enlivened by a few vertical volumes that oppose the horizontal linearity of the main block. This continuity is interrupted by a few portholes that allow light to filter in, while other window openings are concealed by perforated sheet metal that allows the continuity of the plan to be maintained. An accent of color is provided by the metal walkway and parapet in lacquered red that, contrasting with the anthracite black, directs the path inward and thus where the exhibit has space.

Also part of the intervention is the plaza that interposes itself between the street and the building,  integrating a green area and acting as a decompression filter between the elements, as well as allowing sufficient distance to capture the image of the building in its entirety.