Idee arredamento ristorante (2)


• Location: Monza, Italy

• Year: 2019

• Dimensions: 110 mq

• Status: Complete

Photography by: Gioia Longato

In central Monza, Yapa Uapa Pepe restaurant offers a convivial and dynamic space in a chic and avant-garde setting.

The renovation of the interior of the restaurant has given it a new image in line with its identity, told by its gastronomic offerings and location.

The challenge was to completely revolutionize the environment with a few simple moves, saving what was already available. Through the combination of essential elements, a sophisticated and peculiar effect was achieved, emphasized by a skillful mix of styles that makes it unique.  

An emblematic example is the use of the construction site reinforcement wire mesh used bare on the ceiling. This stands both as a characterizing element, and as a structure to accommodate the cascade of light points with the visible light bulb. This solution gives an industrial touch in contrast to the other styles in the room that defuse and modernize the environment.