Ufficio moderno arredamento

Professional firms

• Location: Varese, Italy

• Year: 2023

• Dimensions: 95 mq

• Status: Project

The offices on Via Indipendenza in Varese are located in a building in the historical and dynamic center of the city.

Within the building there have historically been offices and clinics of different professionals. In particular, the project deals with the renovation of two units located on the first floor of the building, which were initially autonomous and separate, with the aim of creating a new workspace accessible from a single entrance.

The new offices are preceded by a welcoming reception area, where patients can stay while waiting for their turn before their appointment. One office is accessible directly from the reception while the other can be reached from a small hallway that distributes that access and that of the bathroom, which remains at the service of both patients and professionals.

The offices are characterized by the large, vaulted ceilings, which are respectively lit by a tall window overlooking the building’s inner courtyard. Each office is organized within a regular and versatile space, easily adaptable to different types of furniture, in anticipation of different professionals who will practice in the offices.