Adesivi murali cameretta bambini

Single-family villa

• Location: Como, Italy

• Year: 2020

• Dimensions: 200 mq

• Status: Complete

Photography by: Gioia Longato

Immersed in the atmosphere of the Milanese hinterland, the object of our renovation is a 200-square-meter villa with a garden.

The young family that commissioned the project from us requested a complete renovation of the villa; a key aspect of this redevelopment was energy saving. In fact, several interventions contributed to increase the energy performance of the building, from the insertion of insulation to the replacement of windows and doors and the installation of the photovoltaic system.

Great care and attention were devoted to the creation of the indoor and outdoor spaces. The living space, located on the ground floor, opens through a bright double height to the first floor, where an elegant balcony allows a wide view of the kitchen and living room.

Sobriety and elegance, found even in the most minute details, are the stylistic language of the entire intervention. The client, a great admirer of the Nordic style, wanted to decline this philosophy in all the rooms of the house, which are thus characterized by extreme simplicity.

Pure lines and soft colors define the exterior fronts.