Arredamento centro estetico

Beauty Center

• Location: Monza, Italy

• Year: 2019

• Dimensions: 75 mq

• Status: Complete

Photography by: Gioia Longato

The project created for the beauty center “La Quinta Essenza” aims to enhance and emphasize the principles and objectives of the business itself. Offering advanced aesthetic treatments aimed at regeneration and general well-being of the person, the choice of interior details focus on the use of soft and warm colors that convey a sense of calm and relaxation. The use of natural materials, such as wood, also helped to create a welcoming feeling.

The entrance to the beauty center was further characterized by an off-square septum that opens toward the reception area. This choice emphasizes the directionality of the space and guides the eye toward the back of the room where the display of items was designed as integrated into the architecture itself. Plasterboard niches, illuminated punctually to highlight the products, were cleverly carved into the masonry.