Living tetto vista

Residential complex – 3 housing units

• Location: Rescaldina, Italy

• Year: 2023

• Dimensions: 250 mq

• Status: Project

Hidden among the alleys of the historic center of Rescaldina is an old courtyard from the late 1800s, the subject of our redevelopment project. The project sees the conversion of a portion of the building, once also used as a barn and stable, into three apartments with a rustic yet modern style; large plastered vaults, contrasting with the brickwork and the roof with exposed wooden beams, give the interior a distinctive style. The residences have been thought out and designed in all their parts, establishing a close dialogue with the local tradition and offering an updated and never predictable reading of it.

Conviviality and relaxation become the protagonists of the lifestyle, bathed in the abundance of natural light coming from the pre-existing arched openings.