Two-family villa

• Location: Brianza, Italy

• Year: 2023

• Dimensions: 165 mq

• Status: In progress

Photography by: Gioia Longato

Within a courtyard context, in the heart of the historic center, energy upgrading work on the property allowed a building that had been uninhabited for years to be given new life. The opportunity, linked to the 110% Superbonus, made also possible the decision to redesign the entire interior spaces.

The restyling of the semi-detached villa develops an elegant and modern taste in the choice of furnishing style. Each unit is developed on a single floor and is characterized by spacious rooms that ensure high livability.

The distribution of interior spaces is defined by a series of false ceilings at different heights, which allow the rooms of the house to be personalized with blades of light.

The outdoor courtyard has also been treated with extreme simplicity and linearity to give relevance to the convivial and space-sharing aspect. The inclusion of an external elevator body allows access to the housing units even for people with reduced mobility.