Esterno facciata

Residential complex – 3 housing units

• Location: Metropolitan city of Milan, Italy

• Year: 2022

• Dimensions: 410 mq

• Status: In progress

Photography by: Marta Casiraghi

Along the banks of the Molgora stream, surrounded by a large and lush garden, lies Villa Caronte. The project idea takes its first steps from the owner’s desire to undertake a real estate operation that would give new life to the family villa.

Through the recovery of the two existing attics, the project involves the conversion from the single-family villa into three duplex apartments. A series of major structural interventions allowed the development of a solid and stable project that can respond to the new needs for increased usability. The installation of an external elevator body and the modern makeover of the pedestrian and driveway entrances help to give additional value to the property and ensure greater accessibility.

The careful selection of construction materials, the design choices aimed at obtaining maximum functionality of the housing units, the plant and technological choices aimed at obtaining the best results in energy saving and use of alternative energy sources, will determine a high living comfort.