Laboratorio lucernari luminoso

Offices / Warehouses

• Location: Novate Milanese, Italy

• Year: 2022

• Dimensions: 2.500 mq

• Status: Project

The project concerns the redevelopment of an entire building with adjacent garden in order to make it suitable to house the new offices, laboratories and warehouses for the two companies that have turned to us to create their headquarters.

The project involved a series of interventions on both the outside and inside of the building; on the exterior fronts and open space the works were simple and punctual, with the aim of giving a renewed look to the finishes, and the interior space has been studied with great care and attention.

Internally the space has been articulated keeping in mind the various client’s needs: the ground floor is used as storage and laboratory, while the first and second floor contain the administrative section equipped with staff offices, meeting rooms and relaxation areas.

The partitions were designed as diaphragms that first show and then conceal the different rooms. This effect was rendered through the adoption of partitions made of plasterboard alternating with large windows that make the internal scanning less heavy. To help give greater livability to the workspace, it was decided to eliminate the edges of the walls and create organic and less rigid lines. The interior is further characterized by the choice of painting the walls with the colors of the companies, to defuse and make the environment more dynamic.

For the common areas shared by the two societies and the restrooms, action was taken with a rearrangement of the finishes and a modernization of the facilities.

With the idea of meeting accessibility requirements, an elevator connecting all floors will be installed.